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Belle Delphine

BirthdayOct 23, 1999
Birth PlaceUnited Kingdom
Height5' 6" (167cm)

Who is Belle Delphine?

Marry-Belle Kirschner is a 20-year-old celebrity, who is commonly known as  Belle Delphine.

Another name she sometimes uses for herself is Bunny Delphine. She has a British Nationality, and she is currently residing in the UK as well.

Her glamour and unique modeling style are what make her famous throughout the world.


About Belle Delphine

How did Belle Delphine become famous?

Belle Delphine is famous for her posts online, mostly on Instagram. She attracts the attention of all her fans by doing cosplay, and it also has attracted the attention of certain media outlets.

Another reason for her fame on the internet is because she has been following the latest trends and has been targeted by memes on Instagram and Facebook.


How did Belle Delphine start her career?

Belle Delphine started her career at quite a young age. Born in October 1999, she was just 16 years old when she started her career in 2015.

She was originally from Cape Town and later shifted to the United Kingdom. Along with being an Instagram sensation, she also started posting videos on Youtube from July 2016.

One of her first videos was on her Youtube account, where she taught the audience how to do proper eye make up, and the likes and views encouraged her to post more videos online and earn a huge amount of money.

About Belle DelphineModeling and Cosplay:

Belle has been loved for her cosplay videos and pictures, she considers herself to be aesthetically pleasing, and also uses such props which makes her look more interesting, colorful and attractive. Such as fake hair, cat ears, etc.

She also showed the audience her room which matched with her personality and modeling style; PINK and Pretty! Belle also cosplayed famous characters such as Harley Quinn.

But is she just known for her colorful and glamouring personality? Not really..

She has posted her videos where she plays with an animal that others might find scary; a dead octopus!

To attract more audience, she even brushed the teeth of the animal.


Belle Kirschner Fans:

Belle Kirschner has a crazy fan following, and yo people are extremely enthusiastic to watch her videos or follow her social media accounts.

One of her fans even spent hundreds of dollars on just having a chat with Belle Kirschner online.

Because of getting famous, she was able to earn millions of dollars during the first 2 years of online presence on Instagram and youtube.

The fans have also paid huge amounts of money to see special content created by Belle Delphine on her Patreon account.


The similarity to Adult Anime Characters:

Belle Kirschner is also known for her similarity to an adult anime character, the hair extensions such as pink hair further increase the similarity and that is accentuated by her facial expressions.

Her signature facial expression where she rolls back her eyes makes her look like she’s having a climax, and that is what her fans love about her.


How did Belle Kirschner get involved with PornHub?

Belle Kirschner was appreciated by her fans for her videos and cosplay, and that encouraged her to try her luck in the pornstar industry.

She first started off with a small video clip, where she promised her fans to create a pornhub account if she gets a million likes.

When the post reached the desired goal, the young celebrity kept her promise and created the account.

Although, her fans were soon dejected to not see what they would like; porn featuring Belle Kirschner. But even then, she became the most searched person on PornHub that year.


From Pornhub to selling the bathwater:

The internet sensation soon started working on other strategies that got her more fame online. Reading comments on her pictures that said the fans would drink her bathwater, she came up with the idea to sell her bathwater.

Crazy, right? She soon started advertising for her bathwater which, according to her, was meant to connect with her fans emotionally.

She said the bathwater should not be consumed, but the fans were curious about it and posted reviews on youtube saying how the water tasted.

This strategy was quite successful, and she was able to sell the first round of products in just 3 days after its release.


Criticism and hoaxes:

Belle also faced criticism for attempting tactics such as selling bathwater and was made fun of by a huge number of people through internet memes.

She was mocked for generating such an idea, and another website was created which imitated the idea of selling bathwater by marketing for selling “Pee”, and the website was soon banned.

There were other such campaigns where Belle was mocked, and there were several rumors about her saying that the bathwater had herpes germs and was spreading the disease.

She was also trolled by PewDiePie who made fun of her bathwater and offered his bathwater for a discounted price of 29$.

But along with the memes, the fans were still appreciative of her selling the bathwater and showed the appreciation through posting videos on Youtube and Instagram.


Social Media Ban:

A huge shock to the fans of Belle Kirschner was when her social media account was banned, and people came up with many rumors about her Instagram ban.

Some thought that the account was banned because it did not follow the community guidelines whereas others explained it as a result of a campaign aimed at targeting her.

The campaign was against the nudity that was displayed in her profile, and it compelled some people to organize a proper campaign to get her account banned


Belle Delphine Online Presence after the Instagram Ban:

Belle Delphine kept using her twitter after the Instagram ban, but she reduced the use and later fully disappeared.

She reappeared by posting a tweet in august where she explained that she had been arrested by the UK police.

The reason for her getting arrested was because she took revenge from a girl who stole her hamster by spraypainting her car.


Belle Delphine; Bad influence or inspiration?

The Instagram model received both positive and negative comments about her online life, she has been criticized for being a troll and selling bathwater as a cheap marketing strategy.

Whereas, she has been appreciated for eliminating stereotypes regarding women and presented herself as a GamerGirl which inspires women to engage in the gaming industry.