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Belle Delphine Back

Belle Delphine Back

Guess Who’s Back? Bella Delphine is Back! Yea you heard that right. The popular Instagram model who became infamous for selling her bathwater last year is back with a bang.

 In one of the most surprising twists of 2019, her Instagram account was infamously banned by the social media giant. Several reports were spreading as regards the reason for the ban. 

Report by The Business Insider initially claimed that the ban came from the co-ordinated campaign against her. That report was soon debunked by an Instagram Spokesperson who had reported that the account was removed because it violated Instagram community guidelines. 

Belle reported that she made several efforts to contact Instagram to retrieve her account all to no avail. But none of that matters now because Belle Delphine is back again! 

She went into exile after her last tweet in August 2019. Several rumors had initially spread regarding her whereabouts including fake death reports. 

Anyone thinking Belle Delphine was done was in for a shock. On June 17, she announces boldly on her twitter handle, “I’m…b..back ???.” 

She certainly had a message for everyone both fans and haters. Belle Delphine didn’t just come back, She came back in style and posted a link on her tweet to a music video she made.

The song started in style with a message for her haters

“You were thinking I died. B***h surprise.”

She then went from riding her unicorn to tweaking those paint dripping a** of hers as she raps,

“I still got them double thick thighs. French fries”

Then she gave a glance of her trademark ahegho facial expression as she continues,

“I get down…, with my b**ty up”

“She be going wobble wobble up”

“Here’s a big duck”

However, the song was a cover to the original “Gooba” song by rapper 6ix9ine. 


Belle Delphine capitalized on the song and did hers in style amassing 9 million views on youtube in just 3 days. 

She also uses the video to promote her new Instagram, OnlyFans, and TikTok accounts.

Belle Delphine is indeed Back!


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belle delphine in army clothes

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